Peruvian Products delivered to your doorstep

We source the most ethical, socially responsible Peruvian brands a global platform while directing the world’s attention to the traditional treasures of Peru. The sole difference – a major one – would be that the store would now be 4,500 miles north.

Handmade Products

Because our products are handmade, we can customize them at a fair price. This means that your product will be a unique & one of a kind present that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. It will make whoever received your present be eternally grateful for such a special and unrepeatable gift. 


In 1998, inspired by our communities in Cusco, Peru. The owner Juana followed the footsteps of her family and became an artisan crafting handmade and unique products to support her family. Her and her family moved to the United States in 2016 to pursue a better life, after 3 years opening the first store located in the Mission Neighborhood.

By Peruvian Artisans

These artisans use their skills, passed down from generation to generation, to bring you the most beautiful and unique gifts. 

Our retail store

We are located at 2515 Mission St, San Francisco, CA

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